Nero Platinum

The ultimate multimedia suite

Nero Platinum is the ultimate media suite. It gives you everything you need to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray, together with a video conversion, organization, editing, and enhancement. It also can assist you in creating a data backup.The Platinum version includes the renowned Lees de volledige beschrijving


  • Very comprehensive suite
  • Powerful
  • Includes recovery tool
  • Video tutorials
  • The AirBurn mobile app


  • Launcher takes over the whole screen

Nero Platinum is the ultimate media suite. It gives you everything you need to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray, together with a video conversion, organization, editing, and enhancement. It also can assist you in creating a data backup.The Platinum version includes the renowned

Much more than a CD writer

The idea behind Nero Platinum is to give the user a multimedia editing power equal to that of a small professional studio. The applications are divided into four categories: management, playback, and streaming,editing and conversion,copy/burning,and backup/recovery.The heart of the suite is Nero Burning ROM, a classic capable of burning every file to any existing optical disc. Its SecureDisc and DiscSpan technologies allow for large file burning and data endurance in good time. The simplified version - Nero Express is also available, and with the AirBurn app it's possible to burn files directly from your phone.Nero Platinum’s multimedia section consists of the Nero Video editor, which lets you record video in up to 4K from your digital camera or TV (if your graphics card allows you), quickly create films, and burn them to a DVD or Blu-ray. Nero Recode is the accessory which takes care of a format conversion (mobile, DVD, etc.). Videos can be played right away from Nero Blu-ray Player, and can be organized with other files through MediaHome.Closing the suite is the excellent Nero BackItUp, a backup tool that throughout the years has become a landmark for household data security. BackItUp is downloaded separately, although it is included in the same license. The new addition is Nero RescueAgent, a deleted files recovery tool that is very similar to Recuva, but with less options. Nero has always taken care of its documentation and the usability of its tools. Most have just changed their design throughout the years, which veteran users appreciate. Each application comes with a help file and video tutorials, which you can access from the suite launcher.Nero Platinum's tools boast having a clear and foolproof design. Nero Video, for example, has an express mode and an advanced one: this division allows something as complex as video editing to become one single action accessible to all.Nero Platinum’s applications' quality and performance is superlative. Burning with Nero Burning ROM is an experience without any unpleasant surprises, and you will find that same reliability in Nero Recode and RescueAgent. The only negative side is the launcher - an ugly window that takes over the whole screen.

A single package to do everything smoothly

Ask yourself how many programs you need to burn and copy DVDs, edit your videos and backup files. Then ask yourself if managing all these programs is easy and if they interact well. Does Movie Maker run well with CDBurnerXP? Can you take pictures on your phone without running them through iTunes?With Nero Platinum, those doubts disappear. In a single package you have everything you need to enjoy your multimedia files without any headaches. Perhaps its tools don't offer the same as professional programs, but for such a competitive price you can't ask for more. '

Nero 2015 brandt, ript en converteert al uw video's en muziek naar CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, tv, smartphone en tablet.

Nero 2015 Classic is de bekroonde suite om al uw video's en muziek mee naar disc, tv, smartphone en tablet te branden, te rippen, te converteren en te beheren. En met onze nieuwe apps kunt u ook uw multimedia beheren, draadloos discs branden en uw Nero-vaardigheden verbeteren. Het bevat de gebruiksvriendelijke videobewerkingssoftware Nero Video waarmee u elke homevideo verandert in een Hollywood-kaskraker met uitstekende filmeffecten en waarmee u uw bestanden kunt branden naar cd, dvd en Blu-ray Disc met de beste brandsoftware ter wereld. Dankzij de nieuwe ondersteuning voor Plaatsen in Nero MediaHome kunt u uw foto's en video's taggen en doorbladeren op basis van de plaats waar zij gemaakt zijn. Superieure afspeelmogelijkheden voor discs en bestanden zijn standaard, evenals de mogelijkheid om vrijwel elk bestand te streamen naar uw iOS- of Android-apparaat en elke compatibele tv. Belangrijkste voordelen: - Toonaangevende software voor kopiëren en branden naar cd, dvd en Blu-ray Disc* - Makkelijk cd's en dvd's rippen en bestanden naar elke indeling converteren* - Gloednieuwe apps om te streamen naar mobiele apparaten, bestanden te branden via WiFi en alles te leren over Nero 2015 Classic - Beste videobewerking met echte filmeffecten - Superieure functies voor het ontwerpen van DVD-Video en Blu-ray Discs met menu's in Hollywood-stijl - Uw foto's en video's sorteren op basis van de plaatsen die u hebt bezocht, dankzij ondersteuning voor geotags - Weergave van foto-, video- en muziekbestanden en DVD-Video - Betrouwbare streamingondersteuning voor al uw apparaten, zoals uw tv, tablet, smartphone, console of mediaspeler thuis - Betrouwbare en duurzame discs maken met SecurDisc en per ongeluk verwijderde bestanden of bestanden van beschadigde discs herstellen *Bedoeld voor niet tegen kopiëren beveiligde inhoud van particulieren